30yo multidisciplinary guy. I work in the advertising industry, creating content for the web, managing marketing events, providing consultancy services, constantly experimenting.

A typography dude, I’m an illustrator with a preference for naturalist works. I’m a member of the Italian Bird Protection League (LIPU) and support with my professional skills the Heart of Sardinia project, alternative idea of tourism for a more sustainable future of my island.

I’ve also turned my passion for writing and video games into a professional adventure becoming a freelance gaming journalist for some of the leading Italian online newspapers in the sector. I collaborate periodically with some of the major realities in the industry to produce promotional and cultural materials dedicated to big brands.

I’ve spent my last two years in the challenging world of event management, experience that gave me the chance to develop my work aptitude and face my limits. Co-working in a stimulating environment where I tried to combine all my knowledge to ensure the best results for my customers.